Rules & Regulations

The latest rules of the game can be found on the World Bowls website.

Edification for Japanese readers can be found at the Bowls Japan website.

House rules for the various Club Championships to be held in 2022 are outlined below.

Draw: Saturday August 6

Deadline (target) for completion of first round matches: August 21

YC&AC Championships Rules & Regulations

All matches: REMINDER! No practice allowed in the one hour prior to any YC&AC Club Championship match. Practice up to one hour before the match is allowed.

Trial ends for all matches: two woods only, up and down

Singles matches: First player to reach 21 points wins. (Super Seniors Singles will be 12-end matches.)

Pairs matches: Highest score after 18 ends wins. If scores are tied after 18 ends, an extra end must be played.

Handicap matches: Determine handicap difference before the match by referring to the Handicaps list on the noticeboard. The difference is credited to the score of the player or pair with the higher handicap at the start of the match. A maximum 8 points will be credited for Singles and 10 points for Pairs.


Singles: Player A (-6) v Player B (+6) => 12 handicap difference. Player B starts with (the maximum allowed) 8 points on the scoreboard. Player A starts on 0.

Pairs: Player A (+6) & Player B (-1) Pair = +5 v Player C (-2) & Player D (-6) Pair = -8  => 13 handicap difference. Pair A&B start with (the maximum allowed) 10 points on the scoreboard. Pair C&D start on 0.

Markers: Singles matches require a marker/umpire. No marker/umpire is required for Pairs matches except for the Final. Players should arrange markers/umpires by themselves.

Default: Failure to appear at an arranged fixture may result in your defaulting the match. Where possible, please write the fixture on the noticeboard and re-confirm the date and time arrangements with your opponent the day before the match.

Updated August 8, 2022