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Opening Day Spider, 2019 Season

Bowls Japan International, October 2017, Shot of the Tournament


Motivational Videos!

Koyama Jun of Lawn Bowls Club Kyoto made these two collections of top quality lawn bowls action for bowlers to study and enjoy.






Johnny Johnstone on Lawn Bowls in Japan

“Bowls was introduced to Japan in the nineteen-twenties and credit for this is generally given to L.J. Nuzum [at the Shioya Country Club], an Australian affectionately known as Ginger Nuzum.” So writes Johnny Johnstone on the history and state of the game in Japan for YC&AC’s 125th anniversary gala programme in 1993. Can anyone help solve the mystery of the lost trophies?

YC&AC bowling legend Johnny Johnstone “in his cups.”

Mike Galbraith on Lawn Bowls in Japan

“The first reference to lawn bowls I can find in contemporary newspapers in Yokohama appears in April 1891. The article… states that ‘In the past winter probably the first set of bowls made in Japan was turned by a carpenter in Ginza. There is no reason why the game should not have a considerable vogue here.’” YC&AC historian Mike Galbraith wrote this piece on lawn bowls on the 150th anniversary of YC&AC in 2018.

YC&AC and Shioya Country Club bowlers mingle at an Interport meeting in 1950. E. W. James (black jacket), the founder of the Shioya estate, and LJ Nuzum (holding bush hat), the man credited with introducing bowls to Japan, are among those pictured. PHOTO (C) YC&AC


YC&AC and Shioya Country Club enjoyed a strong sporting rivalry from the mid-twenties through the early 1950s. According to YC&AC’s Johnny Johnstone in the article linked above, the relationship with Shioya Country Club lasted until 1972 but became increasingly less strong after the passing of E.W. James in 1952. Read more about E. W. James here.


Bowls Japan’s Hirokazu Mori on Lawn Bowls in Japan

Bowls Japan’s Hirokazu Mori wrote this comprehensive article (Japanese language) on the development of the game of bowls in Japan for the Bowls Japan Bulletin (scroll down the Bowls Japan home page for back issues). We make the article available here with the author’s permission.