Sunday Morning League 2019

Fellow Bowlers,

Registration is now open for the Sunday Morning League. Please sign up soon either by email to the Captain or by hand on the Lawn Bowls Noticeboard.

This year in July games will be held on Saturdays starting in the late afternoon when it is cooler (exact start time TBC). No games are scheduled for steamy August. The Sunday Morning sessions start at 9:30 am and usually finish around 12:30 pm. See the attached poster, or the Calendar, for the scheduled dates.

The Committee would love to return the format to triples this year. To do this, we need at least 24 of you to sign up!

Please sign up even if you know you cannot make all the dates. This is normal. Note there is a “SUBSTITUTE ONLY” (控え選手) column on the sign-up sheet for those who are only able or willing to take part occasionally, when substitutes are needed.

Deadline for sign up is May 4.