YC&AC Qualifiers for Bowls Japan Tournaments Confirmed

It was not all plain sailing, far from it, but the YC&AC entries to the 2019 Bowls Japan tournaments — Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours and International — are now confirmed.

Listed below, in the order in which the finals will be played, we are:


Motoko Tsuyama
Ippei Iwasaki
Toshiharu Saito

Kazuko Yasuda
Tomohiro Hamada
Jun Adachi

Tournament to be held at YC&AC, Sunday, September 15


Kazuko Yasuda (Capt.)
Alex Hendy
George Ishiguro
Kaz Umeda

Toshiharu Saito (Capt.)
Saori Hamada
Tom Tyrrell
Hirofumi Nakajima

Hans Pauli (Capt.)
Jun Adachi
Motoko Tsuyama
Tomohiro Hamada

Captain Kumar (Capt.)
Yoko Ishiguro
Ippei Iwasaki
Terry Potticary

On standby: Yuko Sasaki

Tournament to be held at YC&AC, Monday September 16


Jun Adachi
Ippei Iwasaki
Kazuko Yasuda

Tournament to be held in Akashi, Kobe, October 12–14


Men: Alex Hendy; Jun Adachi
Women: Saori Hamada; Kazuko Yasuda

Finals to be played at Shiawase-no-mura in Kobe, October 5 and 6


Men: Alex Hendy & Marcel Niederhauser; Tomohiro Hamada & Hirofumi Nakajima; George Ishiguro & Toshiharu Saito
Women: Saori Hamada & Kazuko Yasuda

Finals to be played at Akashi, Kobe, November 9 & 10

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