Shades of Green

Following is a quick update on the green’s recovery this spring.

Here’s the green following a good natural soaking on March 16. The roots have awakened from dormancy and top green growth is clearly evident.

March 16

This is the green a short time after aeration work, April 10. The lawn has been cored using a special machine to remove dead roots and compacted earth. The punched-out holes help to oxygenate and hydrate the lawn, and allow room for new root growth.

April 10

Fertilizer is applied to promote the growth of healthy grass. The cored earth and dead roots also return essential natural nutrients to the lawn.

April 10

This close-up shows the size of the core holes, which are almost an index finger deep. Great job!

April 10

Just a week later, and the green has turned a healthy shade of… green. The start of the new season suddenly feels close.

April 16

The core holes are closing over as sand is repeatedly brushed into the green and the grass continues to grow.

April 16

A downpour on April 17 helped to lift unwanted residue from the core holes. Eric brushed these dead materials away and continued the sanding process.

April 18

In short, the green is looking good!

The committee will make a decision on the date of Opening Day after viewing the green and consulting with Eric this weekend, April 24/25.

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