More Shades of Green

Following is a quick update on the green’s recovery this spring.

Aeration work was carried out a couple of weeks earlier than last year, at the end of March. A special machine is brought in to remove dead roots and compacted earth.

The punched-out holes help to oxygenate and hydrate the lawn, and allow room for new root growth. Here’s how the green looked a week later, April 5.

Mounds of sand, waiting for our groundsmen’s brush, April 9.

Two new lights were installed on April 12. (These photos April 19)

The new lights offer far better illumination than the old ones, but we will need more if we want full green coverage. These lights are only good for the center rink in one direction. More on this topic in separate communications to follow soon.

The core holes are closing over as sand is repeatedly brushed into the green and the grass continues to grow. The photo below was taken on May 8.

Having settled on a date for Opening Day, May 21, the Committee meets again to make the draw (Sat. May 14).

The Centennial Opening Day Tournament is now just a week away.

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