2022 Nations Cup: Black Thunder Wins Again

A perfect ten teams gathered for this year’s installment of the Lawn Bowls Nations Cup.

Undisputed champignons of the unofficial “best dressed” award were the Trippers.

Here they are in action against Concordia, with Concordia’s Paul on the mat and Tom looking on.



Nice shot, Ichiro!

Yamato’s Saori sends one down, watched by teammate Hide and Rum & Orange’s Russell and Hans.

A determined-looking Itoh in action for Black Thunder against the Bay Stars.

The Switzerland team was cheered on by a large band of loyal supporters.

Nichibei’s Foster likes the look of this one; Switzerland’s Patrick and Martin not so much.

It wasn’t to be Yamato’s day.

The battle for supremacy was tight with no team dominant in the group stages.

It was this close:

In the match for third place, the Bay Stars’ Shinya, Yuko and Kazuko hit Rum & Orange out of the ground. 

And in the final, last year’s winners Hot Curry, starring Ishu, Shion and Satish  …

… fell to the 2020 winners Black Thunder. Congratulations again, Team Honjo, Toshi and Itoh!

All smiles after the tournament. Here’s Hot Curry again with Rum & Orange’s Takako and Hans.

Two parts Nichibei, two parts Rum & Orange and one part Concordia. Long Island Iced Tea? 

Inai inai … Until the next time!

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