Japan Trio Wins 2019 Nations Cup

The Nations Cup Shield on display at the start of the 2019 tournament

The Lawn Bowls Nations Cup, or more accurately these days, “Shield,” is arguably the Club’s biggest sporting prize.

The annual tournament, which unites members from all athletic disciplines on the lawn of battle, was held this year on Sunday, October 20.

As ever, teams wore the colours of their national flag or cheese; or wore bespoke T-shirts speaking of their team’s identity. Flags and bunting decorated the patio as several lesser spotted bowlers decorated the green.

Games started at 9:30 am and — in a break with Club tradition — were mostly finished by lunchtime, allowing the losers, the whimpering majority, to settle into an afternoon of slumber, muttering and booze, while watching les autres do battle for the Shield.

The entries in 2019 were:

The United Kingdom (2018 Champions)
Russell Brown, James Hegarty, Alex Hendy
Hot Curry 
Ishwar Chugani, Captain Kumar, Satish Tandon
Born in Japan
Mike Bielous, Richard Fachtmann, Willy Fachtmann  
Brave Blossoms
Toshiaki Arai, Ichiro Ito, Kaz Umeda
Typhoon Japan
Jun Adachi, Makoto Honjo, Seishi Yoda

Mixed Cheese
Marcel Niederhauser, Hans Pauli, Terry Potticary 
Samurai Japan
Shinya Fujiwara, Hirofumi Nakajima, Toshiharu Saito
Three Nuts 
George Ishiguro, Yoko Ishiguro, Motoko Tsuyama
Samurai Japan: From left, Shinya Fujiwara, Toshiharu Saito and Hirofumi Nakajima

Of the non-Japanese entries, only the Mixed Cheese team of Marcel Niederhauser, Hans Pauli and Terry Potticary survived into the afternoon to do battle for their share of the prize pot. They would finish third, surviving a spirited late comeback from the Brave Blossoms team of Toshiaki Arai, Ichiro Ito and Kaz Umeda.

In the final, the Typhoon Japan team comprising Jun Adachi, Makoto Honjo and Seishi Yoda showed no mercy in a crushing victory against the Samurai Japan team of Shinya Fujiwara, Hirofumi Nakajima and Toshiharu Saito.
2019 Nations Cup winners, Typhoon Japan: Seishi Yoda, Makoto Honjo and Jun Adachi

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