YC&AC Bowlers Storm Akashi Fortress and Suffer the Slings and Arrows

Three Pairs representing YC&AC and a fourth representing “YLBC” traveled from Yokohama to Akashi on the weekend of November 9/10 for the finals of the Bowls Japan Pairs.

The Akashi Lawn Bowls Club’s intimidating old stadium

Alex Hendy & Marcel Niederhauser (reigning champions), Hirofumi Nakajima & Tomohiro Hamada, and George Ishiguro & Toshiharu Saito flew the YC&AC banner, while Seishi Yoda and Shigemitsu Itoh did not.

Yokohama’s bowlers make their entrance through the park.

Alas, none of the pairs who have honed their skills on the YC&AC lawn were able to adjust quickly enough to the super-slick artificial surface in Akashi to compete with the best of the Kansai bowlers.

In the semis, Mr. Okuda made light of the high-mat tactics of the excellent young Kyoto opposition.

And who is to say how long that adjustment might take! The quality of the bowling in the final stages of this competition was world class. Full credit and respect where it is due.

The title-winning ALBC team skipped by the brilliant Mr. Okuda (left) (three blue balls guarding the jack) with lead Mr. Hiramatsu kept the oppo under relentless pressure. Here runners-up Mr. Yamada and Mr. Osugi feel the heat in the final.

Never mind the bowling. A fine time was had by the Yokohama travelers, who stuck together and made light of their suffering at the hands of their Kansai foe.

The bowlers refuel

We returned to Yokohama bloodied but unbowed, and much the wiser for the experience.


The bowlers unwind


And unwind some more


Thank you, Bowls Japan, for a very well organized and inspiring tournament. We’ll be back!

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