2021 Nations Cup

The draw for the 2021 Nations Cup was completed in the Members Bar on Wednesday, November 3.

The ten teams were drawn into two groups as shown in the Score Sheet below.

The Fixtures table beneath the Score Sheet shows the schedule and rinks for each match.

We will play three games in the morning and two games in the afternoon. The top teams in each group will then meet in the Finals starting at 14:30.

There are two significant rule changes from last year:

  1. Tied teams will be separated first by net score = score difference, not by highest gross score. (See the rules and scoring system below for full details.)
  2. In addition to playing their group matches, each team will also play a match against one team from the other group, as determined in the draw yesterday. This match is shown in yellow in the two tables. The score from this match will contribute to each team’s group score.

Please be on the green by 9:30 ready for a 9:40 start.

The original Nations Cup shield — The International Lawn Bowls Trophy — was first contested in 1955.

The tournament was won by Born in Japan, starring W.H. Helm, D.J. Helm, F.S. Harriss and G.E. Beatty.

The second and current Nations Cup shield was first contested in 2000 and won by Portugal, with a team starring Taeko Fernandes, Limie Benevedes and Poy Fernandes.

The current shield is played for in memory of Serge G. Bielous. Big thanks on the record here to his son Mike, who very kindly took the trouble this summer to update the shield and replace some of the tarnished plates.

Last year’s winners were Black Thunder, starring Makoto Honjo, Shigemitsu Itoh and Toshi Kurosawa.

Whose names will be added to the shield in 2021—the 66th annual playing of the tournament? Individual skill, teamwork and the Lawn Bowls Gods will decide.

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