Closing Day Tournament 2021: The “Draw”

The “draw” for the 2021 Closing Day Tournament has been completed, using an ingenious new “A to Y” sprinkle method (copyright Kaz).

In alphabetical order of initial letter, players’ first names were “sprinkled” into teams A1 then B1, A2 then B2, and so on through to B4.

Remarkably, this “hands-free” and completely unbiased method not only produced eight nicely balanced and characterful teams, it also kept the husbands and wives apart!

This year, for the first time, the Closing Day Tournament has a trophy for the winners. The silverware was generously donated by former member and lawn bowls lover James Kater, who won the tournament last year with Marcel Niederhauser (top photo) and wished he’d had something he could lift and kiss.

In addition, this year’s winners will be given first choice of the prizes on offer at the Prize Table. (The second-place team will have second choice of the prizes and so on, right down to the eighth-place finishers, who will have no choice but to grab whatever remains!)

You can find the teams, the groups, the fixtures, the rinks and the rules in the tables below.

On Sunday, please hand your prize to a Committee member at the table by the Sports Bar and be on the green ready to roll at 10:50.

After the Tournament, we’ll head to the Deck for the presentation of the season’s Awards, a tasty charcoal grill and drinks, and a celebratory attempt at whatever else comes to mind.

See you up there!

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