Honjo, Tsuyama and Lucky Jim Win 2021 League

The final of the 2021 Saturday/Sunday League was contested on Sunday November 14 between the Sunday Morning League winners, Team Hegarty, Honjo and Tsuyama, and the Saturday Afternoon League winners, Team Ando, Potticary and Saito.

Final day action

In a close match that finished 15-13 (or something like that), Team Hegarty, Honjo and Tsuyama prevailed. Congratulations to them!

League champions Team Hegarty, Honjo and Tsuyama

In the third-place match, The Sunday Morning League runners up, Team Hendy, Ishiguro and Kurosawa, walloped the Saturday Afternoon League runners up, Team Itoh, Kojima and Yasuda. Congratulations to us!

The prizes will be presented after the Closing Day Tournament on November 28. Until then, here’s a reminder of how the two League phases panned out.

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