Team Fujiwara Wins Centennial Opening Day Tournament

2022 is the 100th anniversary of the opening of the first full-size lawn bowls green at YC&AC. Put another way, this year marks 100 years of regulation lawn bowls in Japan.

Before this year’s Opening Day action began, the bowlers gathered for a photo call and botched an attempt at a Human 100. [It’s there if you squint.]

Up for grabs this year on Opening Day were (thanks Marcie!) bottles of wine for the winners and runners-up and, for the Spider winner, more wine and (thanks dad!) a one-of-a-kind polo shirt. The big prize, as ever, was the Don Helm Memorial Trophy.

First, The Spider! (Click “The Spider” or the photo below to see the video)

… in which a rare visit to the Green by one Mr. Kasama was richly rewarded!

In the Tournament proper, Team Yoda, Kurosawa and Ito finished top of Pool A with a 4-1 win record, while team Fujiwara, Kojima and Yasuda won Pool B on 3-1-1.

The final was played over 4 ends, with Team Yoda, Kurosawa and Ito …

… falling just short against Team Fujiwara, Kojima and Yasuda.

The score in the Final has already been lost to history, but here are the results from the pool matches.

Well played, Team Yoda, Kurosawa and Ito …

And congratulations to 2022 Don Helm Memorial Trophy winners Team Fujiwara, Kojima and Yasuda!

As elsewhere disclosed, all YC&AC tournament entry fees this year will be funnelled into a Centennial Kitty. On the strength of a terrific turnout (30,000 yen in entry fees) and great generosity from many bowlers (87,100 yen in optional Spider donations) (we know who you are), the Centennial Kitty already stands at 117,100 yen.

We’re off!

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