Sunday Morning, Saturday Afternoon: The Winners

Sunday Morning League

The lawn bowls staple that is the Sunday Morning League was played over five weekends beginning June 5. Going into the fifth and final round, four of the six teams had a chance of winning the title. In the final reckoning, two teams finished on 7 WLD points with Team Hendy, Klug and Tsuyama claiming the title by virtue of a vastly superior score difference over Team Ando, Hamada and Yoda.

What a team!

Saturday Afternoon League

The Saturday Afternoon League was played as a standalone tournament for the first time in 2022. In recent years the winners of the Saturday League had played the winners of the Sunday League to determine an overall winner.

The 2022 SAL began on July 24 and was over just four weeks later with Team A marching to victory unbeaten, rendering the scheduled Round 5 unnecessary and thus undesirable.

Alas, we have no photo of the winning team of Alex, Terry and Yoko, but we do have the final standings, below.

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