Nations Cup 2020 Preview

The 2020 Nations Cup will be held on Saturday, October 24.

The basic format of the tournament can be seen in the figures below.

The 12 Teams (listed on the right in the top figure) will be drawn into two Pools of six teams on Friday afternoon, October 23.

The rules, fixtures and scoring system can be seen in the table below.

Round 1 matches will start with two trial ends at 9:30 am sharp. Please be ready on the green for Chorei at 9:20.

No trial ends before the remaining Pool rounds. Two trial ends may be played before the Final and Third-place matches.

A plated buffet lunch will be served after Round 4. Round 5 will be played after lunch.

The winner of Pool A will play the winner of Pool B in the Final. The Pool runners-up will face off to decide third place.

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